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These pictures are all from the Gili Lankanfushi ‘s private reserve water villa , every corner of this property is just so perfect and beautiful . I am really grateful that i am able to visit the world’s biggest water villa and most importantly thank you my Mr. Friday ( Mr. Shifaz ) for making this dream come true , he is really too good to be true. Maybe some day in my life i can get to stay here with my family .

This water villa is newly renovated with pool now and still has some small renovation going on and i was told that it would be expected to finished by end of 2016 . Yes , this water villa has the most amazing water slide ever .  Imagine sliding to clear blue sea water instead of pool , it would truly be the best experience in your life .

The private reserve has unobstructed 360 panoramic views and it is a 2 story water villa with 1400 square meters that is independently in the sea . Which means it is only accessible by boat and you can get all the privacy you need here .  The private reserve consist of 3 rooms , spa with sauna room , massage pavilion and an air conditioned gym .  The maximum guest to stay in this water villa is 12 , so it is great to bring your family over here for some family bonding time .

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